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Podfic recs

My fannish activities lately consists of watching the wank forums on journalfen, and devouring huge amounts of podfic. I want to share some of my favorites. I have a few more posts like this in mind, but I know better now than to promise anything :)

What a million girls would kill for
The devil wears Prada, gen, Emily character study. This is my Emily head-canon.
Written by Woldy, read by Via_ostiense.
Written for LGBTfest using the prompt: "Devil Wears Prada, Emily, the cliché is that lesbians are a fashion disaster so Emily decides the cliche has to go".

Them other boys don't know how to act
Stargate Atlantis. McKay/Sheppard. NC-17.
Written by Eleveninches, read by Ponceflower. Ponceflowers really sells this one for me, her voices and comedic timing is ace.

Tag for 3x03 Irresistible. Rodney fails at getting his revenge, and Sheppard fails at getting his point across.

Ach, des knaben Augen
Inception AU, Arthur/Eames. (Possibly Arthur/Eames/Schubert :3)
Written by Toomuchploor, read by Penny, edited by Xenakis (she put in all the lovely music.)
Being a freshman piano performance major at a prestigious New England conservatory is difficult enough without landing the school's star baritone as your singer, and inevitably, your hopeless crush.
Arthur is a pianist, Eames a singer. Togheter, they make music.

The universe is not enough
Stargate Atlantis, John/Rodney.
Written by Trinityofone, read by General_jinjur.
Rodney is a secret intergalactic superspy! That is all.

Theories about nuclear winter
Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin/Susie, PG-13. This is another head-canon story, a lovely, bittersweet story of Calvin growing up and not fitting in. And a brilliant Susie that I fell in love with too.
Written by hollycomb, read by bessyboo.
When Calvin finally sorts out his feelings for Susie his timing is not great

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