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Suddenly: Bandom?

A month or so before Christmas I had some real life upheaval going down, and rediscovered podfic as easy escapism. Comfort food for the mind if you will. (After Christmas I now have a smartphone and wifi in my room. Reading fic in bed! Yays!). And I discover [personal profile] pennyplainknits stuff and pretty much mainlined the stuff she had recorded in any fandom I was familiar with. And then I downloaded some Panic fic out of boredom and got totally hooked.

I'm not new to rpf, me and J2 go way back. But that was always more about not being into the whole brother thing, and I was never interested in following canon, such as it is. Now I'm watching crappy phone recordings of shows and picspams organized by tours and wondering what the hell I was doing in 2007 that was so more interesting that this? And I have a bunch of new music that I never really listened to before.

In short, new fandom. I'm mainly all about the Chemical Romance, because their music is the most to my taste.

And a list:

- Need bandom icons, preferably MCR
- Spencers beard is good beard
- Man, I miss playing in crappy bands with people
- How is Gerard such a pretty man? If you look at his face objectively it doesn't actually make any sense
- There should be more tattoos in my life
- Half of these guys are younger than me >.>
- Mikey fucking Way

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