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Dear Yulegoat

Edit!: I signed up as Cake on AO3.  

Thank you so much for offering to write for me. I hope you have a good time creating your story, and have a wonderful Yuletide. 


My requested fandoms:

Pippi Långstrump | Pippi Longstocking series - Astrid Lindgren 

Annika Settergren
Pippi Långstrump | Pippi Longstocking

Pippi is dear to my heart, and was a big part of my childhood. I would love a "missing episode" sort of story, some crazy adventure, or just a quiet day of easy friendship. Or maybe a "what happens next" from when they are all grown up. 
I have not requested Tommy as a character. This is not because I have anything against him, he is just not as interesting to me as the girls. 
When it comes to pairings/rating, I'm ok with gen, het, slash, Settergren-cest, where ever you feel like taking the story really. I would love Pippi/Annika. 


Mumintroll | Moomins Series - Tove Jansson

Snusmumriken | Snufkin
Mumintrollet | Moomintroll

The Moomin books are some of my favorite books, I have read them over and over again since I was able to read by myself. I don't particularly like the animated tv-series, if you are familiar with that. My favorite books are the later ones, Moominland Midwinter and Moominpappa at sea and Moominvalley in November. 
Snusmumriken is probably my favorite character. I would adore a piece centered on him. 
When it comes to pairings and ratings, I would be over the moon if you were to write Moomin/Snusmumrikken slash. I have always wondered what happened after Moominpappa at sea, whit Moomin basically going entering puberty and growing up and starting to become independent of his family. What happens when Snufkin comes back the next summer? How will things change between them now that Moomin has changed? (basically I am hopeing someone will ruin my childhood in the best/porniest way *g*)
Apart from that I would be very happy with a "slice of life/episode fic" type of story. A lazy summer day, some great adventure, a winterday during Moominland Midwinter... I am sorry if this comes off as too demanding, "I demand that you write me this!", it is not my intention. I hope you find something fun you want to write in the source material, I am sure I will love it since I love the books so much. 


Solar System (Anthropomorfic)

Characters: Any

I love science and the solar system, and the sense of awe and amasement the universe fills me with. There are so many beautiful, scary and interresting places out there. Learning about the wonderful things scientists are able to make and find out about our universe, the space crafts we have managed to send out there, the fact that there is a cute little robot on Mars right now makes me proud to be a human being. 



Characters: Any

I really mean any. I adore the whole Half-Life series, so feel free to write in the setting of any of the games. I would like any of the "official" characters, a piece exploring the world building, a collection of fake news clippings from City 17, the point of view of some background character, what goes on in the head of D0g... What happened between the first and the second game? Who the hell is the G-Man? There is so much to play with in this universe. 


My generell likes and dislikes:
I generally prefer a happy ending, but I have been known to enjoy a good ghost story. I enjoy crack stories a lot, and things that make me laugh. I am a sucker for UST and pining, and I'm very happy to see it resolved. I am happy with reading gen, characters studies, pieces exploring world building, het, slash, femslash, poly pairings; tame kissing or porny porn. 
I care a lot about progressive social issues, and I detest homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny. I hate to see bashing of female chracters, or for them to be killed off or dismissed. 
When it comes to Yuletide fic, I would like it best if you stayed true to the cannon setting, no AUs or cross overs. 

If you would like to find out more about me/stalk me, I'm sorry to say I've never been very active in fandom, mostly I am a reader and a lurker. But I am semi active on Twitter:
I bookmark fic I like at the AO3 here:
Also there is this journal, though there is not much here, sorry. 
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